Hide And Seek: War Games

Description of Hide And Seek: War Games Survive intense shootouts, discover hidden treasures and explore treacherous terrains in Hide and Seek: War Games. This cool running and shooting action adventure game is a fun mixture of retro styled pixel game graphics and modern mobile technology boasting user-friendly pad based controls and easy to use interface. Seize glory in this dynamic first person shooter war strategy game where quick thinking and fast reflexes could mean the difference between life and death.★ ★★PLOT SUMMARY★ ★ ★At the end of the universe, there's a citadel among the wastes, hidden from society. Within is a library cataloguing the entire history of everything and in it lies the very fabric of time itself. So precious and delicate are these files, their safety is heavily guarded by an artillery of trained mechanical militia. When you stumble into this protected atmosphere, something unusual happens…As the column of mechanical troops marched by, everyone fell silent. The almost ethereal citizens watched in awe and respect as their guardians marched by, keeping safe the entire history, and in turn, the future, of mankind. It was until the first gun blast that caught an entire row did panic set in. No one had ever breeched the bastion of this restricted corner of the world. In the mayhem that ensues, a soldier pins you with the barrel of his rifle. "You," he snarls. "You are not of this realm. You have reduced our defenses to nothing by your arrival, heralding the End Times. You are responsible for the fate of this land and the entire rest of the world. This cannot go unpunished. You will pay." As if in slow motion, the trigger was enacted, and before a single excuse or plea could fall from your lips, the soldier's arm swept dramatically to the side, shooting off a blast that ricocheted off a fallen wall, creating sparks that showered over you both in a rainfall of red. The solder's body collapses, narrowly missing you in his descent. With a sideways skip, you dash down the alleyway, and away from imminent death. Your breath is heavy as adrenaline pumps through your veins so fiercely, you can actually hear the excited thrum create a symphony in your ears. You never meant to disrupt the balance of time and place, but the delicate fabric had been rent asunder, and it is you whom they pin the blame. You cannot leave, not with the fate of the world resting heavily upon your shoulders. It's time to clear your name and return society back to what it was… before the Decline.Features:-Hidden melee & firearm weapon variety-Collect ammo and HP-Enemies increase as game progresses/Pickups decrease throughout game play-Score slow and mega speed pickups-Run, jump and crouch-Overhead views of enemies assist in the mission's success-Choose weapons easily or battle hand-to-hand -Game timers with pause feature-Expansive 3D pixel worlds

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