Codes for Vodafone

Description of Codes for Vodafone MMI codes and Services for Vodafone Egypt – Orange Egypt – Etisalat Egypt Traffic violations – Emergency numbers – dollar prices in egypt All Egyptian network codes and services (Vodafone – Orange – Etisalat) – Participating in various monthly, weekly and daily internet packages – Kalmani, Eshnali and Edfali services for networks – Services of call systems. Registration, shipment and renewal of packages – Credit transfer and transfer services for any number – All other services of roaming and query on the number of baccalaureate and cancellation of the tone is available to all networks Emergency numbers and inquiries about irregularities and the price of the dollar – Contact emergency numbers in Egypt (firefighting – ambulance – police – electricity – gas) – The easiest way to inquire about irregularities on Arab women and personal licenses and follow up applications submitted to different traffic departments in Egypt. – The price of the dollar in Egypt moment by moment *Notes :- – The program was independently developed away from the management of mobile companies (Vodafone – Etisalat – Orange) to provide an easy and smart way to use network codes. – Services on the investigation of violations of vehicles and violations of personal licenses submitted by the portal of e-government without interference or coordination with the application. – The price of the dollar represents the purchase price according to international prices. – The application does not store any user data in its database. – All trademarks in application are owned by their respective owners Disclaimer: This is a third party app and was not developed by Vodafone – Etisalat – Orange Vodafone is a trade mark for vodafone corporation as well as all the trad marks in the app

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