Description of TalkShalk TalkShalk is the only Pakistani cloud-based messaging app with a focus on speed and security. it is easy to use, free, secure and super-fast. You can use TalkShalk on multiple devices simultaneously and your messages got synced seamlessly. Using TalkShalk, you can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, .inp etc.).Why TalkShalk?◆. Secret message option, where the data is not saved and still have the option of self-destruction, where you can submit anything and the app deletes the message or file within how much time you set.◆.Integrated with telegram eco server system, so you can also send messages to all your telegram friends.◆.TalkShalk social groups and channels directory.◆.Urdu and Punjabi Stickers.◆.Can be installed on any device, both cellular as tablets, and can still be accessed by your browser :◆. You can choose a username on TalkShalk, If you do, other people will be able to find you and contact you by your username without knowing your phone number.◆. You can send animated GIFs on the screen, much more fun!◆. It is fast, light and prepared for even the worst access networks.◆. You can send any file to your contacts, music, documents, files, games, etc ..◆. You can create groups of up to 5000 users and interact from any device.In group chat, you can check how many (and which contacts) are currently online.◆. Low battery usage because of an advanced data synchronization system.

Download APK(14.38MB)

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