Description of myVoiceMail This is the answering machine inside your Android phone.It takes a call after configurable delay , plays a greeting and records a message.Advantages: – works with any mobile network operator- no need for external voicemail provider, possibly saving on your phone bill- it is integrated with system Phone App to access your messages from "Call Log" and also (since version 2) has internal message viewer- privacy – your messages are kept inside your phone- you can use custom greeting file . You need to create it by other means, this app currently doesn't have this function. Recommended format is .WAV.- access your messages offlineSYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:API Level 14 or higher which is Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich or KitKatATTENTION: Qualcomm based devices are currently not supported. Supported devices: Full list is unknown and is changing, about 2500 types. Try it to see if this app is working on your device. Upgrade to premium if you are satisfied with trial.Please email to to confirm it is working on particular device/ROM, in case of problems and different settings you may find useful. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS (may differ for particular devices and ROMs):Default settings. Should work on most devices: Recorder Options -> "Storage and viewer" ->SD card storage and in-app viewer Recorder Options -> Audio Source > VOICE_COMMUNICATIONSamsung Galaxy series stock ROM may need this: Recorder Options -> Audio Source > VOICE_CALL Nexus series, AOKP, CyanogenMod and others supporting Voicemail API can take advantage of Phone Call Log: Recorder Options -> "Storage and viewer" -> Phone app storage and Call Log viewer KNOWN PROBLEMS AND WORKAROUNDS: On some devices caller doesn't hear greeting. Setting "Greeting Options > Speakerphone on Greeting" may help in this case.NOTE:- Recommended settings are selected based on test results. Different settings may not work and can be used for experimentation. – If you have external voicemail provider, adjust delay setting (default is 8 sec) so that myVoicemail app will pick up phone before the call is transferred externally.- Remember to delete old messages to free up space on you phone. Tap trash icon in "Message Playback" screen on bottom right.- After rebooting your phone to re-activate this app, just open it. After that it listens for calls in background.Tested on Samsung GalaxyS2 GT-I9100 with Android AOKP version 4.2.2 and Samsung official 4.1.2Tested on emulator with API-15 and API-17Free evaluation version has full functionality except message can not be longer than 15 seconds.Try it before buying full version. Buy the full version and support this project.Support email: my.own.voicemail@gmail.comIf you're having problems with downloads, installs, refunds, payments, or Google Play access, please contact Google Play team through the Google Play help center: Answering Machine for Android, Автоответчик для Андроид "Наш Ответ"

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