Sprinkle on Luck

Description of Sprinkle on Luck We increase your chances of winning with incredibly generous bonuses! Play, compete and

Guard Operation: Sniper&Flight

Description of Guard Operation: Sniper&Flight With ultra-luxurious office cars, you will perform protection duties to en

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Weapon Master 3D

Description of Weapon Master 3D • Blast your enemies away!• Unlock weapons and discover new ways to play!• Unlock skins

Look Before You Tap

Description of Look Before You Tap Look before you tap is a game where your eyes, brain and finger needs to cooperate be

Face EnRaiders

Description of Face EnRaiders Game created for Dr. Burtons Mobile Computing class. This game features aliens spawning fr

Rita: Aventura Submarina

Description of Rita: Aventura Submarina Rita is resting in what she thought was a residence of her new organization when

Tank Total War

Description of Tank Total War Tank Total War is an action game with top down view.Get control of your tank and complete

Iron War Tank Battle

Description of Iron War Tank Battle Get ready for modern tank warfare in this war tank game. Iron War Tank Battle brings

Finger Cutter save from Knife

Description of Finger Cutter save from Knife Knife vs FingerDo you have the courage to cut your finger?Here comes a thri

Brutal Badger – Stress Relief

Description of Brutal Badger – Stress Relief Relieve your daily stress by utterly destroying everything around you! Desi


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